TELETALK 3G Tariff Plans

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(Projonmo 3G, Ekush 3G, Shadheen 3G, Bijoy 3G)

Projonmo 3G

:: Connection fee: Tk. 900.00
:: Free Voice Talk Time: 500 min (Onnet 475min & Offnet 25min).
:: Free Video Talk Time: 500 min.
:: 1000 free SMS (Onnet 950, Offnet 50).
:: 1 GB Internet Free.
:: 1 FnF number [VoiceTk0.05/ 10sec, Video Tk0.15/10 sec and SMS Tk0.15/ sms].

:: Welcome Gifts : Voice 50min, Internet 1GB, Video 50min, SMS 100.

::Condition :
1. Total FREE BONUS: Airtime-500min( onnet-475, offnet-25), Video-500min (on net), Internet-1GB, SMS- 1000(onnet- 950, offnet-50).

2. Subscriber will get Voice-50min (onnet-25,offne t-25), Internet-1GB, Video-50min, SMS 100(onnet-50, offnet-50) as welcome gifts and Usage validity 7days.

3. Subscriber will get free Voice-50min (onnet), Video-50min, SMS 100 (onnet) if recharges minimum Tk.100 after.SIM activation and Usage validity 7days.

4. A subscriber will get monthly maximum 3times free bonus for each recharge Tk.100 and same policy will be applicable for total 3 months after SIM activation.

5. Internet speed will be up to 512kbps and after depletion of free data volume, pay per use policy will be applied if he/ she didn’t subscriber any bundle data plan. (Recommended to subscribe any data plan for cost minimization and better experience).

6. The effective rate in voice onnet-60paisa/ min, voice offnet-96paisa/ min, video-Tk.3/min in peak time and voice onnet-30paisa/ min, voice offnet-96paisa/ min, video- Tk1.20/ min in Off-peak time.

7. After depletion of free bonus(airtime, video, SMS), and for recharge amounts Projonmo Package Tariff will be applicable.

8. Free Bonus will not be applicable for FNF numbers.

9. 15% VAT will be applied on the mentioned tariff.

Tariff/Charges: Call Directions:
Peak [8am-12am] Off Peak [12am-8am] Per Pulse 10 sec Per Pulse 10 sec Voice Call Teletalk to Teletalk Tk. 0.10/10 sec Tk. 0.05/10 sec

Teletalk to Others Tk. 0.16/10 sec Tk. 0.16/10 sec

Video Call Teletalk to Teletalk Tk.0.50/10 sec Tk. 0.20/10 sec

FNF (1 Number) Voice Tk. 0.05/10 sec(24hour) Video Tk. 0.15(24hour)

MMS Tk. 3.00/mms
SMS Tk. 0.45/sms
GPRS Tk. 0.01 / 5 kb VAT applicable.

•Projonmo will be set as default •promotional 3G Prepaid Package only for new connection. •Projonmo Package subscribers can migrated to other 3G & 2G prepaid packages.
•FNF number can be set in onnet and video call primarily applicable in onnet.
•The MMS size will be 100kb.
•Migration is totally FREE for new subscribers.


Tariff/Charges: Call Directions Peak
[8am-12am] Off Peak
[12am-8am] Per Pulse 10 sec Per Pulse 10 sec

Voice Call Teletalk to Teletalk Tk. 0.20/10 sec Tk. 0.05/10 sec

Teletalk to Others Tk. 0.20/10 sec Tk. 0.10/10 sec

Video Call Teletalk to Teletalk Tk. 0.55/10 sec Tk. 0.17/10 sec

FNF (9 Numbers) •Voice (Onnet) Tk. 0.05/10 sec
•Voice (Offnet) Tk. 0.10/10 sec
•Video Tk. 0.15/10 sec
•SMS Tk. 0.50/sms •GPRS Tk. 0.01 / 4 KB •VAT applicable

• FNF number can be set both in onnet & Offnet and video call primarily applicable in onnet.


Tariff/Charges: Call Directions Peak
[8am-12am] Off Peak [12am-8am] Per Pulse 1 sec Per Pulse 1 sec

Voice Call Teletalk to Teletalk 2p or Tk 1.20/Min 1.1P or 66p/Min

Teletalk to Others 2p or Tk 1.20/Min 1.1P or 66p/Min

Video Call Teletalk to Teletalk 6p or Tk 3.60/Min 1.17p or Tk 1/Min

FNF (4 Numbers) •Voice (Onnet) .5p or 30p/Min
•Voice (Offnet) 1p or 60p/Min
•Video 1.5p or 90p/Min
•SMS 50p/SMS
•GPRS 1p/4KB
•VAT applicable



Call Directions Peak [5 pm-12 am]

Off Peak [8 am-5 pm] Super Off Peak [12 am-8 am] Per
Pulse 10 sec Per Pulse 10 sec Per Pulse 10 sec

•Out Going Calls Teletalk to Teletalk 15.83p/10s 15.83p/10s 4.17p/10s

Teletalk to Others 23.33p/10s 15.83p/10s 15.83p/10s

Teletalk to Teletalk 55p/10s 55p/10s 17p/10s

FNF (3 Numbers) •Voice (Onnet) 5p/10s
•Voice (Offnet) 10p/10s
•Video 15p/10s
•SMS 50p/SMS
•GPRS 1p/4KB

***MOBILE TV Service

Features: •Subscription Fee : •Tk. 200 (for 4chaneels)
•Tk. 325 (for 8chaneels)
•20 Minute/Day or 200 Minute/Month •Pay Per Use : Tk. 2.5/Minute
•VAT applicable

Payment System: •Customer can pay their bill at any •Customer Care Center of Teletalk or pay by Scratch Card [Tk. 20.00, Tk. 30.00, Tk. 50.00, Tk. 100.00, Tk. 300.00 & Tk. 1000.00 available at your nearest shop]. •Pay by Scratch Card: Type *154* PIN [13 digit] # Then Dial. ••Balance Query: Write *152# and send

FnF Activation Procedure:

•You can activate 1 FnF number in Projanmo 3G.
•FnF for Projonmo 3G: •Write ADD 0155XXXXXXX and send SMS to 363.

•FnF for Ekush 3G, Bijoy 3G and Shadheen 3G:
•Write ADD 0155XXXXXXX 0155XXXXXXX 02XXXXXXX 017XXXXXXX and send SMS to 363.
•It will be activated within 72 hours.

Delete & Check FnF. •To delete your FnF, Write DEL and send SMS to 363.

To check your FnF, Write SEE and send SMS to 363.

Change FnF.

•You may change your FnF numbers after 7 days from activation.

Changing procedure is same as new FnF activation.

Migration procedure: •Please contact at your nearest Teletalk Customer Care Center .

Here is the Graphical Presentation:

teletalk 3g

3g_TT_1 3g_TT_2 3g_TT_3
Help line:
1234 [Charge applicable]

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